Social Impact With Passion and Purpose

We are dedicated to unleashing the full passion, purpose, and potential of people in need around the globe.



Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs in impoverished regions to create meaningful social change.

By providing access to education, mentorship, and both physical and digital tools, we migrate opportunity to people around the globe to support them in strengthening their abilities to generate income and add sustainable value to their local communities, and beyond.


Supporting Local Economies

In collaboration with the local community, we create spaces that include access to entrepreneurial education, local and remote mentorship, and hands-on experience with digital tools.


Web and software development can advance and scale the reach of your business.



Use technology to leverage sustainable agriculture practices to get the best yield out of every harvest.


Build the world you want to see for your community - from construction to connected devices.



Advancing diagnostic medicine and better health practices for all.


Arts, artisans, music, and more - the creative arts have the power to inspire action and make movements.

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The first Promise Hub is currently in well underway in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda.