“We strongly believe that turning aid into opportunity is the catalyst to create a significant increase in local income and we aim to migrate digital opportunities to people in need instead of migrating people to opportunity.”


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Our Story


Promise Hub was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Dave Erickson and Harald Neidhart. During our visits to help centers in Lebanon, a Syrian girl handed us a letter. Her letter contained a promise: to shed the label of refugee and regain her unique identity as a human being. We saw in her eyes the passion of a child, the true human spirit. Her call for dignity and claim for humanity provided the grounding spirit for Promise Hub.

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Promise Hub is an innovative e-commerce incubator that provides real tools, training and mentoring, resulting in new local incomes, jobs and the discovery of emergent solutions to local challenges.

 We have an unwavering belief in the innate talents and abilities of our fellow human beings to succeed in this digital age.  We believe that every individual has dreams and abilities that can be realized. We understand that although the resources of our world are not evenly distributed, the means exist to overcome these barriers.

So, working through local Impact Teams, we provide the “recipe” to identify those individuals who can become local job creators and develop their potential by providing the best tools, education, training and access to the Digital Marketplace, Financial Inclusion and Logistics. 
Everything an Internet Entrepreneur would need to succeed.

Our innovative, human-centric approach is set to foster a digital environment where all people are encouraged to explore and harness their passion and purpose to become entrepreneurs and create local jobs. In so doing, they are able to create a sustainable local economy and create jobs and further opportunities.