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Our Mission

Together, we can create millions of new digital entrepreneurs among the fast rising digital population over the next 30 years which can in turn, creates 1 billion new jobs.

By providing local entrepreneurs with access to infrastructure, tools and functional education, we support local economies, create local jobs, and increase standards of living in the developing regions that need it most.


Our Approach

We seek communities that lack either the tools or the know-how to grow and we look for leaders and visionaries in those communities. Those individuals that stand out, those individuals that want to build from where they are, those individuals that know their community and know what it can become. We discuss with these forces of change and create Local Impact Teams.  



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Promise Hub generates

Real solutions, real incomes, real jobs, real inclusion in our abundant future.

Our Hub is the adaptable, practical, creative space where different local partners can collaborate to address the issues that pertain to their environment, in the quest to becoming future entrepreneurs. These hubs are set up by utilizing locally available spaces. To ensure that the hubs are conducive enough to foster flexibility and creativity, we look out for these core areas.

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1. Low Cost

By using commonly available materials, cost of setting up the hub is significantly reduced. This would help conserve resources which can be channeled into skill development.

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2. Adaptability

The hub must be able to perform more elaborate functions, other than meetings. It should satisfy the need to spark insightful discussions, carry out various workshops and serve as a housing facility.

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3. Accessibility

We ensure that the hub is close enough to both human and natural resources. It should be secure, easy to access and use without any hindrance.

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4. Functionality

The hub must be practical and useful. Power, Internet, Chairs, Tables, Laptops and any additional tools needed must be made available.