Empowering through financial literacy

Our Local Impact Team members have undergone an in-depth introductory course to Microsoft Excel and could not believe how intuitive everything was:

As mentors to the Promise Hub Heroes, the entrepreneurs that will launch their businesses with the help of the tools, knowledge and infrastructure that we make available, every member of the Local impact Team wants to be able to offer them 360° support and guidance. And so, they requested an in-depth Excel course to further improve their ability to draft Budgets and Business Plan.

The first introductory course extended over 5 workshops and was by Mariam, one of our key staff members at Promise Hub Express and Muriel, one of our local mentors that specializes in finance. So far the entire team took well to the course, can’t wait to apply what they’ve learned and add to it as soon as possible.

We are proud of each and every one of our team members, great job guys!

Diana Beata Krueger