First Package Shipped!

It was a beautiful beautiful moment for everyone @Promise Hub Nakivale when Erich Miche shared his unboxing video of the package he had received, check it out on the right!

Not just because Erich enjoyed the contents so much, but because of what it represents. This was the first order placed by anyone to purchase products from a Promise Hub e-commerce business!

In order for this to happen, we needed several things to come into place:

The right team

You’ve met many of the Local Impact Team members in our previous posts, and they’ve been incredibly busy honing their skills, helping set up everything and gauging local interest in the Hub. Many can’t wait for the launch in April, so much so that they’re already planning for success. And our team is there to support them!

The right people

While many of the future Heroes (people who join to learn how to build their business) of the Hub may just have an idea, or an inkling of what they want to establish, some already do have plans and skills for their business and want to join us at the Hub in order to fine-tune what they already have. One of these early entrepreneurs and a very close friend of ours is Dnm Dupris Dieume Ndalwana. His Kélé Craft handmade bracelets proved to be the first product officially shipped out of Promise Hub Express, post office 2.0 SPEEDY PREMIUM SHIPPING. And, as if that weren’t impressive enough; 800 is the number of bracelets Spare Key requested! It was an amazing feat of passion and commitment.

The right partners

Erich Mische is one of the very early friends of Promise Hub and the Executive Director of Spare Key. In just a few days, Spare Key will be celebrating 21 years of activity with the 2019 Spare Key Groove Gala, an awesome auction/event that will further their mission of helping families “Bounce and Not Break!”. The 800 bracelets we talked about are there to play a role, we’re going to be a bit quiet for now, but stay tuned to find out, thanks for making this possible Erich!

The right Tools and Infrastructure

Last, but most certainly not least, it wouldn’t have been possible without our great partner, MyMalls; the tools, know-how and support that they offer us is a massive step forward in our goal of creating successful e-businesses at the Hub. With their help, Promise Hub Heroes will be able to ship their products anywhere around the world in record time, as proven in Erich’s video above :). Even now, it’s hard to believe that bracelets from remote Nakivale, Uganda, reached St. Paul, Minnesota in under 72 hours. We’d like to thank Toine Rodenburg and his amazing team for the courage and commitment in helping the Rising Billions reach their potential.


So there you have it, with some human beings taking a leap of faith, others setting up hardware in a frantic pace, and others working around the clock; all these beautiful people played a role in making the first Promise Hub shipment ever happen. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we’re only getting started!

Diana Beata Krueger