After 365 days, the Promise starts now!


Promise Hub Nakivale, the first of its kind in the world officially opened its doors, on April 29th, exactly one year after we visited it for the first time. We clicked with the community and its leaders and now, fast-forward 365 days, we have opened our doors to empower and support the first cohort of the Rising Billions. To all of us here, it’s a moment of absolute joy that we’ve reached this point.


Looking back on all the different pieces that fell into place for this to happen we are extremely grateful to all of our partners, collaborators and friends around the world who offered their support, expertise and time to help lay down the foundation of our first Hub.


A very special thanks goes out to our Local Impact Team (LIT) in Nakivale Refugee Settlement who have been working tirelessly to set up the Hub and ensure that it’s well equipped for the first batch of Promise Hub Game Changers to be able to create business that uplift themselves and their community. If you’re curios to read more about our journey thus far you can check out our special review of the past year: “365 days of vision, growth & gratitude”.

Thanks for following our story so far and check back for more news soon!

Diana Beata Krueger