Tools for the digital age for youth in Uganda


This post is written together with Funzi, our strategic partner that facilitates the mobile learning infrastructure for our Local Impact Team and Heroes! Read on to find out more about their role:


Funzi is an award-winning mobile learning service from Finland that makes learning accessible to everyone – free for the end user. Funzi’s service delivers a learning experience specifically designed for mobile that produces similar behavioral and usage patterns as mobile games. Funzi supports the

UN System and NGOs as well as public and private sector organizations deliver learning to large target groups. As of the end of 2018 have reached nearly 6 million all-time learners.


To build a globally scalable hub concept and curriculum for facilitators and end beneficiary youth. To support individuals in improving their livelihoods through entrepreneurship and digital tools.


Supporting the growth of 10 million entrepreneurs in the next 30 years especially in emerging markets.


The Promise Hub in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda will launch in April 2019. As it is the first Promise Hub, it is a proof-of-concept for building a globally scalable hub concept and curriculum. A blended learning model will be utilized:

Mobile learning is a core component in creating global courses that can easily be taken into use

in any Promise Hub.

On-site training and tools will be key for practical hands-on tasks, social collaboration, and active, context-specific skill-building.

Promise Hub connects youth to markets for their products and services. The combination allows for scalability and local relevance of Promise Hub’s programs. Mobile courses will be jointly created out of Promise Hub’s or partners’ content in:

1) Training of trainers in project management and facilitation skills for the local impact teams.

2) Skills and mindset building for end beneficiary youth

Participants work on their own projects based on their passions. Both target audiences also make use of Funzi’s flagship entrepreneurship course Founder 101 to build the skills and growth mindset they need to become a successful entrepreneur. Founder 101 delves into the different perspectives and roles of an entrepreneur, developing basic skills in product development, innovation, sales, marketing, finance, organization, management, and leadership.

“The course was a miracle because it responded on my questions about being a good mentor, successful

entrepreneur, and the course boosted my confidence!”

- Moise Kasungu, Promise Hub Nakivale impact team

Diana Beata Krueger