Updates from the Hub

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It seems unbelievable to us that the first cohort of Game Changers joined Promise Hub 2 months ago. The Local Impact Team have taken the responsibility of mentoring them to heart and have done so with patience, understanding and flexibility throughout the past 60 days and we could not be prouder of them.

So what’s been happening at the Hub? Read on to find out

Human First

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From the very beginning, the Local Impact Team encouraged frequent feedback between everyone at the Hub. Very soon, the idea of starting the day with a one-to-one, no them, no judgement, simply an opportunity to give and receive empathy from your peers. So far it’s proven to be a great way to share, teach and learn, understand and support. Many Game Changers have said that they’ve started offering and asking for feedback even at home in order to improve themselves, their loved ones and their surroundings.

Going through the Curriculum

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One of the ways the Hub supports Game Changers is through workshops, sessions and activities geared towards improving themselves. So far the Game Changers have gone through a number of concepts and frameworks that would improve workflow, prioritization, interpersonal interaction and motivation. One stand-out concept that proved popular with virtually all of them was that of Ikigai. A Japanese concept meaning “reason for being”, Ikigai helps a person identify the right balance of their passions, talents, ambitions centered around their core beliefs and how they can be leveraged in the world around them. The Game Changers profoundly resonated with the idea that a balance between skills, passions, financial independence and impact in their work all work together and need to be addressed in order to find fulfilment.    


Equipment eagerness

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Many of our 40 Game Changers were eager to hit the ground running ever since joining and get to work on either discovering or improving a skill in order to achieve financial independence as fast as possible. While using and learning to use the wide range of tools at the Hub has been a great success, we are much more impressed with the creativity, care and skill some Game Changers already possessed. From wooden bracelets to belts made out of old bike tires, to raincoats, furniture, sculptures and more, many Game Changers were already quite skilled in creating high quality items.

All of them, regardless of their previous skill level have known improvement thanks to the tools, the mentoring and the support offered by the Local Impact Team as well as their fellow Game Changers.


It’s been an amazing first two months since launch for all of us and the journey has just started. Thank you for your support and check in for further updates from the Hub!

Diana Beata Krueger